Intellectual property must be maintained, maintenance fees are payable to keep your intellectual property in force, and failure to perform an action such as paying a renewal fee can result in loss of rights.

Your registered rights are also published, and another party may attempt to contact you for a variety of reasons, for example, threats of infringement or requests to licence the technology. Failure to respond adequately to such communications can be detrimental to a business and risk their Intellectual Property rights.

The public availability of IP rights holder’s details does, unfortunately, enable some less scrupulous businesses to attempt to entice rights holders into doing unnecessary work, potentially at great cost.

Without significant industry experience and knowledge, intellectual property can be a very complex industry to navigate. It is very important to have a reliable address for service, to help avoid any pitfalls and ensure your protection is well maintained and enforced. Intellectual property maintenance is a service that Lord and Company can provide.

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