IP Protection

Protection of Intellectual Property can take many forms and is a complex and delicate matter. It is vital to seek expert guidance as improper action can significantly damage your position. Talk to Lord and Company to understand how to maximise your position and avoid any unnecessary risk.



A patent protects an invention that is novel and inventive, whether that be a product, method, process or substance, and entitles the holder to a monopoly on the invention for a limited term. Read more about Patent protection here.


Trade Marks

A trade mark is a sign used to distinguish products or services from those of others. Read more about how Lord and Company can help you obtain trade mark registration to protect your brand here.

Additive manufacturing


A Registered Design protects the overall appearance of a product resulting from one or more visual features. Read more about designs here.

Watch mechanism


Intellectual property rights must be maintained to ensure they remain in force, typically through the payment of annuities. Lord and Company can act as the address for service to reliably maintain your rights.

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