IP Strategy and Commercialisation

Lord and Company can work with you to develop an IP strategy that suits your needs. A suitable strategy for a tech start-up may be very different from that of an established multi-national firm, and selecting the wrong strategy can be costly and ineffective.

There are many factors which may affect your strategies such as the size, cash position and goals of the business, the nature of the industry and relationship with competitors, and the target markets.

All too often a template strategy is adopted with little thought afforded to wards the goals of the applicant. Lord and Company can discuss your needs and work with you to formulate and implement a bespoke strategy to maximise the protection afforded by your intellectual property, without incurring unnecessary cost.

Owning registered intellectual property is not a ticket to reap rewards. Successful commercialisation, which is enabled and promoted by the intellectual property, must be enacted to maximise the rewards which can result from the monopoly provided by the intellectual property.

A large aspect of commercialisation is licensing and assignment, where you allow others to use your intellectual property in exchange for suitable terms. Such commercialisation should be effectively managed to maximise the leverage of your intellectual property, and it is something which is often overlooked.

Indeed, it is not uncommon for businesses to exist solely upon the practice of licensing of their Intellectual Property.

Discuss your needs with your attorney to understand how we can help.

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