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Oana Lord

MSc in Chemistry, BEng, CChem, FRACI, MAWA, INTA

Oana graduated from the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, Romania with a Master Degree in Organic Chemistry and BSc Chemical Engineering. After graduating she began her career working for “Solventul”, Timisoara and then as a Research Fellow at the Polytechnic University of Timisoara where she focused on projects in the field of electrochemistry: waste recovery in the non-ferrous industry, new sources of energy, permanent-dimension.

After migrating to Australia, she gained further experience working in private enterprises as a senior chemist, manager and customer liaison in the field of analytical chemistry for Mining and Oil and Gas industry.

In 1985 Oana became a member of Royal Australian Chemical Institute, RACI and fellow in 1990. She was the Chair of Woman in Chemistry Group, 1994-98, Chair of Health and Safety and Environmental Group 1998-2006 and President of RACI WA 2006-2008. In 2006 Oana received The Wilf Ewers award for her contribution in advancing of the RACI WA. As a President of RACI WA Oana cooperated with universities and high schools promoting chemistry, science and innovation to the young generation.

Since 1986 Oana is a National Association of Testing Authority, NATA, assessor for chemical testing. Her assessments of Australian and international chemical, environmental, mining, agriculture, food, vine laboratories broaden her experience and open her views to innovation.

In 1990, Oana joined Australian Water Association, AWA and become a committee member where she worked with peers from Water, Mining and Oil industry broadening her network

In 2003 she accepted the position as Environmental Manager at Australian Government Analytical Laboratories, AGAL, a prestigious 100 years old federal government organization. AGAL merged with Standard Australia to form National Measurement Institute, NMI in 2004 and Oana become Business Development Manager for the new organization. Here she worked with large corporations: Department of Water, Mining and Oil and Gas as well as Universities, conducting projects where she was exposed to innovation. During this time, she added to her scientific qualifications business and administration skills starting a degree in Business and Administration at Edith Cowan University.

Her interest in new ideas, networking and cooperation led her to accept in 2013 a position as Business Development Manager at Lord and Company.

Her vast experience and network of working in private and federal government organizations, as well as her professional affiliations with RACI and AWA, led her in 2020 to the position of General Manager at Lord and Company. Oana is looking forward to developing Lord and Company to be a new and innovative IP Firm whilst maintaining its rich traditions. In 2020 Lord and Company celebrated 41 years of excellence in business and we are looking forward to many more under the new management.

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