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Patent Applications

There are a number of different ways to obtain patent protection over your invention. However, it is generally regarded that the preparation and filing a provisional patent application is a very important first step.

A provisional patent application establishes a priority date and becomes the basis for further patent applications covering inventions that are described in the provisional application. If necessary more than one complete patent application may be based on a single provisional application.

Filing a provisional patent application is an initial step to give temporary protection over your invention for up to twelve months. Within this provisional period it is necessary to determine what manner of protection is required for the invention and in which jurisdictions (countries) protection is sought.

Once these important factors are decided upon, we will be able to assist you to obtain patent protection for your invention both in Australia and overseas.

After filing a provisional patent application, patent protection may be extended into one or more countries around the world by the filing of a Convention patent application into each specific country identified for patent protection.

Alternatively, if there are a large number of countries in which protection is sought it may be more cost effective to file an international (PCT) application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. Such an application allows the applicant or owner of the patent application an additional 18 months to determine in which countries they wish to obtain protection for their invention.

Lord and Company are happy to offer a free initial consultation for meeting with you to discuss your invention and advise you on determining the best manner to obtain protection. We understand that no two inventions are the same and clients have different requirements to consider when seeking patent protection.